It was through the good fortune of friends helping me in a low point in my life that I came to be staying on the Isle of Skye in Scotland in 2005. Whilst there I took some photos with a 2 megapixel kodak camera and so began a fresh expression of creativity that was to remain with me.
I got my first DSLR in 2008 after moving to Somerset in England and began selling my photographs and persuing a career in art and photography. I have had my landscape images published in several national newspapers and magazines and had my images in exhibition in the London National Theatre and the Ocean Terminal in Edinburgh. In 2015 I won a category in the Scottish Landscape photographer of the Year competition.
There's great beauty in the landscape that everyone acknowledges and appreciates. The images here represent a lot of hard work. For every hour spent out in the field capturing an amazing moment, there are a lot more hours of fruitless endeavor. Any landscape photographer will tell you that there are more duff days than magical ones. My most popular images were taken on days that initially did not look promising but faith said "get out there" and I was able to capture something special. Hope you enjoy looking and feel free to order any prints that showcase the wonderful county of Somerset or the Scottish Highlands. Graham McPherson 

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